Services Offered

Services Offered

Book publicity plans

Customized media lists

Media releases with search engine optimization

Media kits, containing all or some of the following:

  • media release
  • synopsis
  • biography
  • critical praise by influentials
  • reviews
  • FAQ for author interviews
  • tip sheet
  • purchasing information
  • table of contents
  • jpegs of author and cover
  • book trailers/videos (contracted out)

Social media optimization (option to contract out)

Trade mailings: pre-pub mailings of F&Gs or galleys to book reviewers at trade and key long-lead media

Review mailings: post-pub e-mails of pitches and media kits to customized mailing list of book reviewers at traditional and online media

Target mailings to niche markets

Customized pitches to media, literary websites, and blogs

Pitches for feature stories and author interviews

Proposals to book festivals and literary conferences

Proposals to book trade shows and educational conferences, if appropriate

Book signings/presentations at bookstores, museums, libraries, specialty shops depending on target market

Contact database

Regular activity reports

Nominations for book awards in your genre