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MAX Communications is a public relations firm specializing in the promotion of authors and their books.


You’ve finished your manuscript; you’re thrilled and you should be! Maybe you’ve even had it edited, formatted, and published. But wait…you know your work isn’t done, right? You now have another big, new project to start that you likely didn’t consider when you started your book.

In order for your book to get read, you’ll need to market this creation that you’ve so carefully crafted or no one’s going to see it except family and a few loyal friends.

In today’s publishing world, where about 4500 new books flood the marketplace daily, authors need to promote their book, and themselves, in order for their books to be discovered. They need a platform, funds, time, energy, know-how, and passion to successfully market their work to the traditional and digital world of the 21st century.

If you’re like most authors, this is not appealing. Maybe you’d rather be writing. Then welcome to my world! I’m here to help you.

Mimi SchroederMimi Schroeder